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24 March 2011


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Supreme 90 Day

Knowledge on core workout could provide better decisions and results when deciding on what type of workout to follow. Thank you for an educational post.

Oblique workout

thank you for the an informative article! I liked the "scientific" part:)

Kevin Drury

Kris, thanks for such an awesome and detailed article. I found it very informative, if not too technical and scientific for me.
Sorry I'm not good a good Biology Student!

I truly believe that to get optimum results one need to be trained by a Certified Trainer. Most times you will discover the blatant truth that once the proper foundations are built, training is much more fun and easier on your body. Before I trained with a Certified Trainer I was doing more harm in bad training and was seeing NO realistic results.

I finally decided to bite the bullet, after 15 years of struggling by myself with improper training. Unbelievably my body was totally transformed in around four months of proper workouts!

I was the stupid guy who used to do a ton of situps, only to find out that I could hardly walk the next few days, but with NO progress to show for it, even after 6 months. That is a typical result and example of lack of knowledge.

"Where was my six packs hiding?"
Little did I know that I was building my abs BUT they were still hiding under the belly fat!

On another note I still do my daily abs vacuum exercise while driving back home from work during the normal traffic jams. So at least that time is not wasted.

I highly recommend to anyone who is struggling, like I was to read the book The Truths about Six PAck Abs.

Kevin Drury
"The Guy who FINALLY found the Proper Secrets in getting an Athletic Physique after 15 years of struggling in vain."

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